Congratulations on the website of Zhongbao Logistics Co., Ltd.

Release time: 2018-07-05

Founded in 1995, REX GROUP is a comprehensive service group integrating logistics, trade, supply chain and media. Zhongbao Logistics Co., Ltd., a member of REX GROUP, was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 7 million yuan.

Zhongbao Logistics is mainly engaged in freight forwarding, exhibition transportation, warehousing and distribution, and international trade agency services.

Zhongbao Logistics can provide professional and personalized service content according to customers' conditions, provide customized services, integrate the company's expert team and resource advantages, and provide customers with “full-process” integrated service from the origin to the destination. The gap between customers in international business operations.

Zhongbao Logistics focuses on specific market segments in the logistics field, including (supply chain services, logistics business, exhibition logistics and personal property relocation), and has accumulated many years of professional accumulation, forming a unique competitive advantage of Zhongbao Logistics.