About us

Purpose of service

Service specialization: Turn years of industry experience and field experience into professional operations.
Process standardization: Optimize business processes and eliminate waste in all aspects.

Cost control optimization: It is more efficient in resource integration and node control.

Service Advantages:
Rich in resources: Has a box source cooperation agency and international service network.
Safety control: comprehensive security control mechanism for cargo, carrier operation, environment, etc..
Time management: strictly control the time node, docking with customers, optimize operations, ensure service efficiency.
Documents operation: with inspection and other related agencies cooperation all year round, the service is fast and smooth.

Main advantage routes: West Africa Line, South Africa Line
1. The customs and port areas of West African countries are closely related to each other. The ships of the Nile Shipping(NDS) have the advantage of priority berthing. With its own docks and operators, you can rely on it.
2. Strong clearance capability. The customs clearance company established by the Nile Shipping(NDS) in cooperation with the local government can ensure that the clearance is completed within 2-3 days for customers to pick up goods.
3. The cost of Hong Kong is low. The empty box of the Nile Shipping(NDS) can be returned directly to the port area without paying any additional fees.
West Africa Line FEWA:
Angola Angola, Luanda, Lobito, Nabibe, Cabinda Cabinda, Congo Congo Congo, Pointe Noire, Matadi, Cameroon Cameron, Douala Douala, Ghana Gana, Tema, Gabon, Libreville
South African Line: Cape Town